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Mosquito Bite-3

Excerpts from Qin Ge’s Diary One day in 2021 I really fucking have no money! I should have stolen my fucking dad’s secret stash of savings. What should I do? I can’t even pay my school fees. Why can’t I go to school? Everyone else can. Why isn’t anyone buying my fucking porn videos! Perverts,… Continue reading Mosquito Bite-3

Mosquito Bite -2

I was taken aback for a moment, and then burst out laughing into a ball. She glanced at me a few times and then smiled as well. After arriving at the station, we collected our luggage and took an illegal cab to the youth hostel. It was the off-season, so the driver was extra hospitable.… Continue reading Mosquito Bite -2

Mosquito Bite -1

Most of the time, I am frigid. The reason I went onto the porn site was because my mother had died. This website has almost everything. I went browsed more than 40 pages and saw big-titted men fucking big-titted women, big-titted women fucking big-titted men, women fucking women, and men fucking men. People fucking dogs,… Continue reading Mosquito Bite -1